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SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is an application integration middleware software developed by SAP. SAP PI is a component of SAP PO, and also of the SAP Netweaver platform that allows integration between SAP and legacy applications or other external systems. XI (Exchange Infrastructure) was the first version of the integration application. Following the introduction of SAP Process Integration (PI), currently the latest version of the application is Process Orchestration (PO).

SAP PO allows users to create synchronous and asynchronous communication for integrating SAP systems to other SAP or non-SAP systems. It enables establishing interfaces between heterogenous systems within an enterprise’s IT architecture and has a central function in integration and monitoring. Most importantly, it has a central function for an organization to establish, integrate and monitor interfaces between heterogeneous systems in IT architecture. PI also makes it easy to open services to the outside world in line with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

What is SAP PI (SAP Process Integration)?

SAP PI (Process Integration) is an integration platform that provides seamless integration between the following:

  • SAP and non-SAP systems,
  • A2A (Application-to-Application), B2B (Business-to-Business), and B2C (Business-to-Customer) applications,
  • Synchronous and asynchronous methods of communication.

What is SAP PO (SAP Process Orchestration)?

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is a tool used for automating and optimizing business processes. It has the combined features of SAP Business Process Management (BPM), SAP Process Integration (PI), and SAP Business Rules Management (BRM). It is a more advanced version of SAP PI and encompasses all the tools required for application integration.

Benefits of SAP PI/PO

SAP PO covers numerous integration processes, foregoing the need for multiple tools. Users can seamlessly implement interfaces. Furthermore, developers can build end-to-end integration scenarios or Integration Flows (iFlow) with a minimum amount of coding using a user-friendly interface.  

Simplify Your SAP PI/PO Process

Determining the right strategies and goals before conducting SAP PO consultancy services is of utmost importance. We value full transparency throughout the duration of our consultancy to ensure our partnership with you reaches maximum efficiency. Our expert team has extensive experience ranging in different industries and numerous countries. We ensure to help you optimize your work processes and improve your company’s competitiveness.   

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Advantages of SAP PI/PO

Connect systems using communication protocols such as SFTP, AS2, SOAP, HTTP etc.

Convert or match message formats between sending and target systems.

Organize integration workflows according to process workflows, such as purchase order approval process.

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SAP PI/PO Development Consultancy

  • Logistics, Supply Chain, MDM, Retail, Finance, FSCM and TM integrations
  • A2A, B2B, and B2C integrations including EDI, XML, web services, TPM management, and Successfactors
  • SAP PO interface design, development, configuration, testing and support
  • SAP PI/PO Basis installation, post-installation configuration and preparation test
  • SAP PI/PO Message Mapping, Java Mapping, and XSLT Mapping
  • SAP PI/PO Adapters: IDOC, RFC, FILE, AS2, REST, OFTP, SFSF, ODATA, FTP, SFTP and B2B add-on, SOAP, HTTP (S), JMS, JDBC, JAVA & ABAP proxy and web services
  • Enterprise service orchestration with SOAP / XML and WSDL
  • SAP PI/PO queues, message monitoring, root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • Error monitoring adaptation in PO, ECC, 3rd party systems, and SAP Business Suite applications
  • High volume testing, performance tuning, live system support, and housekeeping jobs
  • SAP PI/SAP PI/PO configuration in development, testing and live systems
  • PO Queues: "Best Effort" messages for synchronous processes, "Exactly Once"/"Exactly Once in Order" messages for asynchronous messages

SAP PI/PO BASIS Consultancy

  • SAP PI/PO 7.5 installment
  • SAP PI/PO and SLD (System Landscape Directory) post-installment configuration
  • SAP PI/PO system monitoring and debugging
  • Setting up performance for high volume messaging
  • CCMS alerts and installation component alert motinoring settings
  • Creating batch jobs on ABAP and Java and monitoring

SAP PI/PO Consultancy
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