Travel Management Solution for SAP

Transfer Your Travel Processes to Electronic Media

It was developed in order to obtain the relevant permissions when the employees need to travel from their location to another place for business purposes. Travel and accommodation expenses that may be needed during the travel can also be reported through the system and reservations or purchases can be requested. With the Travel Management Solution, answers are written for the questions such as where the destination is, why does the employee go there, for which task does he/she go there, how the travel be done and whether there is a preference for accommodation. Afterwards, this information is sent to the manager, and if he/she confirms it, a form is created for the travel expenses for the employee. Costs incurred during travel are recorded here. If purchases related to travel are to be made, it directly goes to the system of the accounting or human resources department.

All these processes are carried out through the portal developed for the corporate and every step is recorded on SAP. The Travel Management Solution can be customized to the corporate if desired. The solution can be tailored to your corporate identity in a short period of time. It provides richer functionality compared to the standard SAP screens available and significantly reduces development costs.

Travel Management Solution for SAP
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