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Many companies use the SAP Fiori Client to access their SAP Fiori applications. This application was available in several application stores, including Google Play and Apple App Store. At the end of March 2022, SAP removed this application from all stores. It has been indicated by SAP that the removal of this application is due to organizational changes that have led to the discontinuation of the internal development of the SAP Fiori Client.

What does this mean for SAP Fiori Client users?

Starting from this date, the SAP Fiori Client application is not listed in any app store. That is, if someone new in the company is going to start using SAP Fiori Client or someone needs to download SAP Fiori Client on their phone, this will not be possible.

SAP recommended that SAP Fiori Client users switch to an alternative solution or build a custom solution to avoid interruptions in business processes. Here is an alternative solution which you can change your SAP Fiori Client application: MDP Custom Fiori Client

What's inside of this white paper?

  • Removal Process of SAP Fiori Client from App Stores
  • SAP's Recommendation to SAP Fiori Client Users
  • MDP Custom Fiori Client: The Best Alternative Solution to SAP Fiori Client
  • Features and Functions of MDP Custom Fiori Client Basic
  • Features and Functions of MDP Custom Fiori Client Advanced


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MDP Custom Fiori Client
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