Azure Adapter for SAP

Azure Adapter for SAP PO

Our SAP PO Azure adapter is an out-of-the-box product that simplifies the integration between Azure and SAP ERP systems, eliminating the need for complex procedures and development. Improve connectivity and exchange data across your SAP ERP system with Microsoft Azure without wasting time and resources on setting up an in-house integration system.

Simplify connecting to Azure with our packaged, SAP integrated solution: the MDP SAP PO Azure Adapter.

Connect Azure with SAP PO

The Adapter provides seamless integration with your SAP on-premise and Cloud solutions through SAP PO. Upload and download files with ease by dividing large files into block bobs. Save runtime by only repeating block operations that failed; avoid re-uploading entire files to Azure.

Benefit from rapid implementation; instantly connect Azure to your SAP ERP platform, following only a handful of steps for initial configuration. The adapter requires no training or development. Simply “activate” the connection and start sending/receiving data. Enjoy a simplified user experience without allocating any resources for in-house development or hardware.

SAP PO Azure Adapter Use Cases

  • Uploading files from SAP ERP systems to Azure
  • Downloading files from Azure to SAP ERP systems
  • Integration with your SAP solutions

SAP PO Azure Adapter Features

  • Divide Input into Blocks
  • Retry Failed Block Operations
  • Storage account key or token authentication

  • Dynamic blob name with Adapter-Specific Message Attributes (ASMA)

  • Supports Proxy use

  • Custom configuration of the polling interval

Azure Adapter for SAP
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