Utilization and Cost Reduction in Fiori Systems

Fiori Usage Tracker

From Complexity to Clarity: How a Global Food Pioneer Optimized Efficiency with MDP Fiori Usage Tracker

About Project

Company Overview

A Germany-based global leader in the food industry, known for its healthy nutrition and innovative products.

The Challenge

The company struggled with managing multiple Fiori systems within their SAP ERP, leading to increased operational costs and inefficient resource utilization. The lack of comprehensive usage data further hampered strategic decision-making.


The Solution

Our consultants implemented the MDP Fiori Usage Tracker, centralizing the usage analysis of all Fiori systems. This solution provided detailed monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities.



The company achieved significant operational cost savings by identifying and eliminating underutilized systems and applications. Enhanced data access and analysis bolstered strategic decision-making and improved Fiori system efficiency.

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