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Many organizations are shifting to cloud-based systems for cost efficiency, easier collaboration, enhanced security and simplified hosting. However, integrating existing systems with the Cloud may prove difficult or costly. Enterprises encounter data integration challenges in the context of processes, compliances, and security. Insufficient speed of availability of new applications and technologies often results in disruptions in the working process and loss of revenue. SAP Cloud Platform combats all these challenges, providing seamless integration for companies’ SAP and non-SAP systems.   

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a cloud-based integration platform that allows synchronizing data between different systems in a secure and reliable environment. It enables comprehensive integration for a variety of combinations encompassing on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems. Organizations that utilize SAP CPI report cost saving efficiency, increase in productivity, rapid implementation and time-to-value.

SAP Cloud Platform is a popular choice among organizations due to its low initial investment costs and its conveniently premade integration packages by SAP with cloud SAP products, such as SAP C/4HANA, SAP Concur, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Why SAP Cloud Platform Integration is Right for Your Business

  • Provides a unified view, encompassing the entire organization’s business data derived from on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems.
  • Enables exchange of data between SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Allows collaboration through a single platform via SAP.
  • Ensures a high level of security.
  • Ensures highly efficient business processes.
  • Simplifies designing workflows and integration flows.
  • Requires minimal up-front investment, has a low cost of ownership, and provides cost savings due to fast time-to-value.


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What is SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI)?

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) is involved in the integration of SAP systems with onpremise or cloud systems. SAP Cloud platform Integration aims to make the data transfer between SAP Cloud Platform-based applications and traditional SAP ERP systems easier, faster and safer for developers.

Main Features of SAP CPI

As SAP CPI is newer than other integration types, it still continues to evolve. SAP CPI offers rapid development and new support packages and upgrades that may affect system interfaces. There are many ready-made integration packages in SAP CPI. Thus, businesses can start integration much faster. In addition, SAP CPI provides more flexibility than other integration types.

Advantages of SAP CPI

Low initial investment with subscription pricing

Ready integration content

SAP PO complementary features

High security and data isolation

Idoc, XI proxy, SOAP, SFTP, Mail, HTTPS etc. protocol support

MDP ready integration Adapters

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