B2B Customer Portal

MDP B2B Customer Portal is a web application private and safe that ensures related information sharing with customers. Customers can follow required all information such as credit statuses, invoices, current discounts, product and order information. This way, customers can see everything they need online in one place and take action. MDP B2B Customer Portal improves customer relations by providing access to complete and up-to-date information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SAP Integrated B2B Customer Relationship Management Platform

B2B Customer Portal works integrated with SAP and aims to transfer the relationship of companies with their customers to SAP through web technologies. It is possible to monitor and control information instantly, thanks to its accessibility at any time and from anywhere. It has been developed to access the detailed information of all transactions such as shipment, stock, current information that the customer needs at any time.

Instant Messaging Between Company and Customer

B2B Customer Portal makes evaluations about the service received by its partner and sends this information to the relevant admin panel in the company. Thus, the commercial harmony between the parties always remains healthy.

Strengthen Your Communication with Your Customers with B2B Customer Portal!

4 Advantages of our B2B CRM Portal

  • It does not require integration as it runs on SAP.
  • It provides ease of use to the user with its unique interface design.
  • With its instant messaging feature, it accelerates the communication process between the company and the customer.
  • It helps you to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by monitoring the situation instantly.

B2B Customer Portal
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