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IT Asset Management Software Whitepaper

According to the report published by Gartner, global IT spending is expected to exceed $4,5 trillion in 2022. It states that 40% of this estimated figure will be spent on software and IT services. However, with the identification of unused software and cloud costs in IT departments, the budget to be spent on these two items can be reduced by 30-35%.

One of the important problems in IT departments is the disorganized management style. The inability to manage IT assets efficiently due to outdated documents and incomplete information causes companies to make unnecessary IT purchases. These cause high costs, difficulties in IT asset tracking along with technological and legal risks.

Loggle is an IT Asset Management solution that enables companies to manage their software, hardware, integration inventories, and track their costs on a single platform.

Read the white paper to learn how Loggle can meet your IT asset management needs.

What's inside of this white paper?

  • Importance of IT Asset Management for companies
  • All-in-one IT Asset Management Software: Loggle
  • Loggle's Functions and Modules
    • Application Portfolio Management
    • Hardware Asset Management
    • Integration Inventory Management
    • IT Cost Management Software
  • What does Loggle offer?
  • How does Loggle contribute to your IT Asset Management Process?

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IT asset management is the process of creating an inventory of IT assets and evaluating assets in order to make IT environments more effective in businesses.

IT asset management is a broad term that can refer to any number of solutions. The basic idea behind IT asset management is to have a complete inventory of all hardware and software in use within an organization. This includes identifying what those assets are, where they are located and what their current status (e.g., active or inactive) is.

ITAM is critical because it allows you to manage the software, hardware and data that are used to run your business. Without ITAM, it's impossible to know what you have and what you need for your business. This makes it difficult to do things like plan for future growth or accurately account for costs.

The problem with many companies is that they don't know how much money they're wasting on unused or underutilized assets. With ITAM, companies can save money by identifying problems early on and making changes before they become too expensive.

IT asset management systems are designed to help organizations improve their efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

IT asset management solutions can also provide detailed reports about which assets have been used recently, how long they have been running and whether or not they need maintenance or repair.

IT asset management solutions can be used by any size business, from small businesses with just one server down to large corporations with thousands of servers spread across multiple locations around the world.

IT asset management software can help companies manage all kinds of different devices and applications that are used on a regular basis by their employees. For example, if a company has 500 employees who use smartphones for work purposes, then it needs a way to track which phones are being used by each employee, who has them at any given time and what applications the employee may be using on the phone (such as email or calendar applications).

IT Asset Management Software
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