8 Tips for Succesful Vendor Management

Vendor management is the management process that includes all vendor-related activities. Most companies believe vendor management is about finding the best cost offering vendors, but it is much more than that. Vendor management is actually about managing vendor relationships and ensuring the efficiency of the processes that will result in mutual benefits.

Effective vendor management is beneficial in terms of cost, quality and satisfaction and it is important to manage suppliers in order to meet the company’s business goals. To get the most benefit from the management process, it is better to be careful about some points. With this blog post, you will have the chance to learn about important tips that will make your vendor management processes more efficient.

Establishing good relationships

The most important point is good relationships with vendors. It is essential to remember the human factor, vendors are represented by people and establishing good relationships with them is crucial. Most of the vendor-related problems can be minimized with this tip. Meaningful and permanent relationships with vendors will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the performance. Great vendors are hard to find, when one is found it is important to nurture the relationship.

Informing vendors

It is highly important to inform vendors in a timely manner. Without sharing necessary information and expectations, effective results are not possible. Sharing information like changes in design and launch dates is important for vendors to meet the company’s needs.

Setting achievable deadlines

It is crucial to set deadlines that are realistic and achievable to meet. Unrealistic deadlines create a hostile environment and prevent the work to be done in the most efficient way and hinder performance. Deadlines that are not realistic also increase risks and deter meaningful collaboration.

Asking for suggestions

When the company and its vendors work together on strategy, getting the best value for the company’s money is possible. Inviting the vendor for meetings about the product that is being worked on and asking for opinions is key to success. The vendor is the expert in the area, thus nobody will have innovative ideas that will make the product better and cheaper than the vendor. With vendor’s valuable insights and new ideas, companies might get a competitive advantage. 

Focusing on the long run

Establishing long-term relationships with vendors provide lots of benefits. Short-term relationships will undoubtedly provide marginal cost savings and short-term benefits. When long-term relationships are established with vendors, trust and commitment are present in the relationship and that will lead to discounts, access to the vendor’s expertise and so much more.

Ensuring mutual benefits

Ensuring both parties are benefited and that a win-win situation is present is essential. This is the only way that will help to establish good relationships and that will not cause resentment that might lead to further problems.

Measuring performance

It is important to measure performance by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). To be able to understand if the vendor management process is effective and to measure diverse facets of the vendors, KPIs should be in place.

Investing in the right tools

Manual methods are prone to errors and they cause a waste of time. This is why using a tool is important. There are lots of tools for vendor management. It is crucial to invest the resources on the right tool. Selecting the right tool that mitigates vendor risks, automates payables and helps to assess performance is essential for effective vendor management.

Meet JetSRM

JetSRM Supplier Management is a platform that ensures the effectiveness of the processes related to vendors. All processes are tracked from a single platform with JetSRM, and that simplifies the operations. The solution has all of the necessary functions that are needed in Vendor Management. Some of its functions can be exemplified as application management, order management, graphic management, quality and contract management.

To sum up, focusing on building good relationships with vendors is crucial to get better value from suppliers. Effective vendor management is only possible when great relationships are built. Focusing on the long run and acting respective of this focus is also very important. Measuring performance shouldn’t be neglected, this is the only way to become better in the process for future projects. Since manual methods are undoubtedly ineffective, it is essential to invest in the right tools. With these tips in mind, a better vendor management process is possible.


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