Azure Adapter for SAP PO

“Reduce the complexity of connecting to Azure.”     

Adoption of cloud-based IT solutions such as Microsoft’s Azure continues to grow due to the agile nature of serverless computing, promoting innovation and enabling faster development to deployment. 

The Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) model allows for a pay as you go style solution that removes the need to make big upfront infrastructure investments.

The MDP SAP PO Azure adapter simplifies integration between your existing SAP ERP system and the Azure platform, swiftly and securely.

Let’s take a look at some of the features before diving in to a quick demonstration of how to configure the MDP Azure adapter in SAP PI/PO.

MDP Azure Sender Adapter Features

  • Configure polling interval
  • Retry on fail
  • Storage account key or token authentication
  • Proxy support

Azure Receiver Adapter Features

  • Divide input into blocks and upload to Azure as a block blob. Optimize for performance by adjusting the block size
  • Retry individual block uploads if one of them fails, avoiding uploading the whole file again
  • Storage account key or token authentication
  • Dynamic blob name with adapter specific message attributes (ASMA)
  • Proxy support
  • Retry on fail
  • This feature enables the adapter to only retry the failed blocks instead of restarting the whole operation again. 

This improves runtime greatly when there is an error while uploading big files.

How to Use the MDP SAP PO Azure Adapter

If you don’t already have a storage account with Azure, you’ll need to create one. So, do that, then after, create a container and upload a blob.

SAP Azure Adapter
Azure Adapter for SAP

First off, we’ll create the integration. 

azure adapter for sap po

And then we need to configure the integration with the MDP SAP PO Azure Adapter.


When that’s done, run the integration and view the results.

SAP integrated solution to connect with Microsoft Azure

And here is a screenshot showing our blob has been successfully uploaded to Azure.

AZURE Adapter for SAP PI / SAP Process Orchestration (PO)

Connecting to Azure is that simple with the MDP SAP PO Azure Adapter.

Thanks for reading.

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