Microsoft Graph API Integrations with SAP PO/CPI

What is the Microsoft Graph API?

Microsoft Graph API is an integrated REST API that provides access to Microsoft Cloud services. Some of the services shared/accessible with the Microsoft Graph API are as follows:

  • User Actions: Accessing users on Azure AD, creating users, editing, deleting, etc.
  • File Operations: Accessing, uploading, deleting, etc. files on SharePoint or OneDrive.
  • Microsoft Teams Actions: Add users to teams, create channels, delete channels, etc.
  • There are also APIs to operate on applications apart from OneNote, Outlook, Planner, Excel etc.

Microsoft Graph API Integrations with SAP PO/CPI

  • Data exchange between customer SAP systems and Microsoft Graph API is integrated via SAP PO/CPI.
  • Graph API connection with Oauth2 protocol over SAP PO and CPI is easily provided through standard channels.
  • According to the needs in SAP systems, processes can be developed with different methods in the Graph API. For example, storing messages sent from SAP ERP systems on OneDrive, or Microsoft Azure AD transfer of users created in SAP HR system, etc.

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