Labor Management in SAP EWM

I would like to talk about one of warehouse management's rarest and most important features. By adequately allocating resources in handling warehouse activities, you can save money with Labor Management. The workforce management tool can be used to monitor and assess employee productivity. You can also use key figures to display reports in the warehouse cabin. 

Purposes in Labor Management

  • Creating Indirect Labor Documents  
  • Using Engineered Labor Standards to Calculate Planned Execution Times 
  • Creating Planned and Executed Workload Planning/Simulation and Preprocessing  
  • Creating Performance Documents  
  • Planning/Simulation and Preprocessing 

Planned and Executed Workload

The system generates a document for the expected workload for each external process step and operation region. You can use the completed workload to evaluate the expected and real durations after you have completed the job. Each warehouse job has a specific workload. Only if the context of the task involved is set, such as if a warehouse order with several warehouse tasks has been developed, can you schedule this workload. Additional data, such as the worker performed the job, the exact start and finish times, and the resources used, becomes available after the work is completed. 

You may compare the planned and actual durations for the following activities in the executed workload: 

  • Warehouse orders 
  • Value-added service orders 
  • Quality inspection documents 
  • Physical inventory documents 
  • Indirect labor 

You will make strategic decisions based on the details in the expected workload document. For example, you can use the amount of all scheduled activities in a specific activity area on a specific day to estimate the number of employees needed for that day in that activity area. 

Regulating employee efficiency necessitates effective workforce management. Since you control employee efficiency on a regular or monthly basis. The employee is a resource, and RFUI oversees its results. 

For more information about labor management, you can review the article of our SAP EWM consultant on the SAP Blog.

Labor Management

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