Advantages and Benefits of SAP Fiori

In this article, the benefits of SAP Fiori to businesses will be discussed. But first, let's introduce SAP Fiori for those who don't know enough about SAP Fiori.

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP brought user experience (UX) technology to the enterprise in 2011 with the introduction of SAP Fiori. With SAP Fiori, users can interact with their SAP systems in a visual manner in a way that feels like an app. With one of the most complex and niche industries – the world of SAP, SAP has ensured that businesses can easily connect with ease to all of their system's information whilst being able to make informed decisions quickly.

It is used by more than 6,500 customers and is available in over 40 languages. The biggest benefit of this software is that it enables IT to become a strategic business partner and allows employees to work more effectively.

SAP Fiori applications are built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, enabling organizations to take advantage of existing back-end investments and easily extend functionality with new applications.

How SAP Fiori Started and Where It’s Going?

When SAP made the decision to develop standard tools for business applications, SAP apps were built with the use of Fiori UX. It was supposed to be an obvious step towards a unified experience for all the business apps regardless of their functionality. Companies and their employees were supposed to be able to shift from one SAP system to another with ease and they were hoping that SAP Fiori would create seamless work experience. As it is often the case, user experience is not a simple affair, and it depends on various factors such as practicality, market value, loyalty among others.

Now, SAP Fiori continues to develop day by day and is used by more and more companies. In this direction, the technologies supported and the functions provided by SAP Fiori continue to increase. Businesses started migrating their existing applications to SAP Fiori to optimize business processes and improve the employee experience.

Advantages and Benefits of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori provides a quickly-deployable digital user experience for the enterprise. This experience is available on SAP devices, third party platforms and mobile applications. It promises to allow users to access key business information through touch-enabled devices with simple gestures. SAP Fiori allows companies to communicate with their customers in a much friendlier way keeping in touch with their preferences and offering them the best deals.

SAP Fiori is the new front-end UI that helps users gain access to the information they need to do their jobs faster and easier. SAP Fiori can reduce the number of time employees spend on data input and maintenance work to free up employees’ time to focus on more important tasks. It will also show you how your employees can experience an improved user experience (UX) with Fiori.

SAP uses this user experience as the standard platform for future enterprise applications. A key benefit to SAP's Fiori is that a company can deploy it quickly and with low risk when compared with traditional technology products, providing a standard digital user experience across all devices. Fiori delivers a user interface that puts the focus on employee workflows instead of functions. This approach supports engaging the workforce efficiently and building an adaptable ecosystem for business activities through cloud-based offerings, mobile apps and social media interfaces.

SAP Fiori is a design language that provides a consistent user experience across mobile and desktop devices. It enables the use of tiles and icons to represent commonly used tasks and applications, making it easier for users to access these features in fewer steps with less training.

SAP Fiori provides an intuitive user interface for common business functions such as workflows, self-service tasks, information lookups, and more. The intuitive nature of the SAP Fiori user interface makes it accessible to casual users while still providing the capabilities necessary to complete complex actions like financial reporting or data analysis.

The SAP Fiori Launchpad is a central entry point where users can consume digital content from disparate applications on both desktop and mobile devices. The launchpad allows end-users to easily access frequently used applications and tasks with minimal training, reducing the time needed to complete daily activities and increasing productivity.

SAP Fiori Consultancy

SAP Fiori consultancy is the name given to the support service Fiori users receive to achieve maximum efficiency.

It's clear that SAP Fiori is a solution that can transform the way your business functions, but the success of the system relies on its implementation and integration into your day-to-day working practices.

That's where SAP Fiori consultancy comes in — it encompasses all the support you need to ensure your business gets the most out of your system by working with you throughout the entire process.

During SAP Fiori consultancy you receive access to industry experts, who will help with everything from design through to implementation.

SAP Fiori consultancy service doesn't end there. Once your system is up and running, our team of experts can provide ongoing support and maintenance so you can always make sure it's running efficiently and providing a return on investment for your business.

Benefits of SAP Fiori Consulting

  1. Faster and more efficient deployment of SAP Fiori solutions: SAP Fiori consultants help to reduce the time and cost of deployment of SAP Fiori solutions by providing expertise and guidance on the best practices and procedures for successful deployment.
  2. Improved user experience: SAP Fiori consultants are experts in the Fiori design principles and can help ensure that applications are designed for an optimal user experience.
  3. Increased productivity: With the help of SAP Fiori consultants, organizations can benefit from increased productivity as users can quickly and easily access the data they need, without having to navigate through menus or complex applications.
  4. Improved security: SAP Fiori consultants can help ensure that the data is secure and accessible only to authorized users, as well as help to ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  5. Improved scalability: SAP Fiori consultants can help organizations to scale up their SAP Fiori solutions as their user base and workloads grow.


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