The Different Types of Put Away Processes in SAP EWM

Put away refers to the processes between receiving the products from the vendor in a warehouse system and placing them in the required areas. Having a put away method simplifies the storage process of products, keeps the warehouse organized, and prevents losing or misplacing of products. With a correct put away method, each product’s location can be easily tracked. This helps speed up the picking process while fulfilling an order.

Let’s examine the four types of put away methods.

Put Away Based on Purchase Order

Some warehouses purchase products from a single vendor, while others buy from several vendors. Regardless of how many vendors you bought your products from, this method groups your products based on their purchase order. In other words, it groups similar orders together. By grouping all these products from the beginning, you complete the put away process in one trip. This makes it easier to debug errors and prevents putting away incorrect items.

Direct Put Away

All the other put away methods require you to sort products according to specific factors before storing them. Direct put away lets you store all received products into a single area without having to separating them. This method is often preferred when purchasing a batch of products for a single customer. Since the batch of goods will arrive together, it makes sense to position them all together.

Since the products will go to the same place, there’s no need to open and separate them. Another feature of the direct put away is that it requires products to be kept at a certain level. This greatly reduces the risk of damage or breakage in the warehouse.

Put Away Based on SKU

Put away based on SKU is when warehouses divide their products according to a product’s SKU value. SKU (Stock keeping unit) are special codes assigned to each product. They’re determined according to a product’s model, type, color, size, and any other determining features. These unique codes simplify tracking products and help measure sales by product or category. In this method, products with similar SKUs are placed close to each other, making it easier to find products.

Put Away Based on Product Type

This method determines a product’s allocated area based on type, size, frequency of purchase, equipment requirements for storage, and so on. For example, if a product must be stored at a certain temperature, its allotted storage area will be the climate-controlled section of the warehouse. Storing products that fit into similar criteria can help maximize your storage space as well.


Although the put away process may seem like an insignificant decision compared to other warehouse operations, the correct put away method will increase your warehouse’s accessibility and efficiency. When you import a product group from the goods receipt area, you allocate an area of your warehouse for each product and ensure its correct positioning. Maintaining this method will greatly reduce your risk of misplacement or loss.


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