Pick, Pack and Pass Process in SAP EWM

What is Pick, Pack and Pass?

Pick, Pack and Pass is a feature that allows you to manage product picking, packaging, and transportation through various activity areas in your warehouse. A conveyor belt, for example, can move goods from one operational area to another. An operation area can be compared to an aisle, where a warehouse worker is responsible from an organizational standpoint. The warehouse worker passes on the goods as soon as he has selected a warehouse order in his area. 

When you use this function, the system generates a higher-level warehouse order with the pick-HUs for all warehouse tasks that need to be generated, which you select one by one. The warehouse worker also receives the warehouse order for his operation area, as well as the warehouse tasks associated with it. 

In EWM, a warehouse order is a work package that a warehouse employee must complete within a certain amount of time. A warehouse order may include warehouse tasks from one or more deliveries, such as putaway, picking, and so on. SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) will maximize the sequence of work that needs to be completed in a time slot by allowing this. This is done on a task-by-task basis, rather than a distribution or customer order-by-order basis. 

What Does Pick, Pack & Pass Provide?

Different SKUs can be strategically organized based on their characteristics. This may include things like weight and volume handling methods, temperature zones, and sales pace, among other things. Warehouse staff can specialize and better understand and manage a specific type of SKUs by doing so. This approach removes the need for further consolidation and/or packaging. 

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