What You Need to Know About Developing Fiori Applications

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a user experience solution from SAP that provides a modern, simple user experience for enterprise applications. It is designed to provide users with a consistent, personalized, responsive and simple experience across devices and platforms. The interface solution is designed to be intuitive with an emphasis on a single user action to complete a task. SAP Fiori gives users access to key business applications such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM from any device.

Fiori applications have gained great momentum lately, thanks to their responsive design and customizable nature. Large companies, in particular, are transitioning towards using Fiori together with Hana. But Fiori’s standard applications aren’t exactly one-size-fits-all and many companies’ needs can only be met with customized Fiori applications that need to be developed. It is worth noting, however, that doing so with the standard Fiori development methods may require a great deal of effort, resources and cost. That is why the methods through which Fiori applications are developed in line with a client’s needs must be thoroughly analyzed. In this blog post, I will briefly discuss development methods, their advantages and their disadvantages.

SAP Fiori Concepts and Best Practices

Development Methods

SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Elements allow making use of standard application features and templates, enabling users to develop Fiori applications in less time and at a lower cost. With this method, the SAPUI5 code is automatically generated in accordance with the defined Metadata and Annotations on CDS. The fact that Odata services are also generated from CDS significantly reduces cost and development time for applications. Fiori Elements also enable features such as saving variants, filtering, grouping and sorting by default. Furthermore, Fiori Elements support mobile devices without the need for additional development. CDS views support Create, Remove, Update, Delete (CRUD) actions through the Business Objects Processing Framework (BOPF); meaning these features are also available with SAP Fiori Elements. This structure allows developing Fiori applications that can generate reports, make analysis, create documents and carry out updates.

Code Structure

Changing Headings

Developing Fiori


Adding a Search Filter


For a more detailed overview of SAP Fiori, check out one of our previous blog posts titled The Evolution of Fiori.


SAPUI5 allows developing quite flexible Fiori applications and designs. Users looking for different designs and specialized solutions can look into SAPUI5's extensive library.

Code Structure



Sorting and Grouping


Advantages and Disadvantages

SAPUI5SAP Fiori Elements
Though the flexibility of the development model is a plus, developers need to spend a lot of time on UI5 codes, as each detail needs to be meticulously coded.SAPUI5 code is automatically generated through CDS. No SAPUI5 or Javascript coding is needed.
Upgrading applications to a new version requires rework.Does not require rework for upgrading applications to a new version.
Development is costly and time-consuming.Development is relatively quick and inexpensive.
High maintenance costs.Relatively low maintenance costs.
Advantageous design and flexibility. Applications can be customized.Complex development and custom designs are not always possible.
Integration with Open Source and third-party libraries is possible.Integration with Open Source and third-party libraries is not supported.
Requires performance optimization and improvements.Provides high performance with FE. Requires little performance optimization.
New applications developed through WEBIDE require to be deployed in the development system again.Activating after editing the code is sufficient. Changes can be tested through Launchpad. No need for deploying again through WEBIDE.
Unable to utilize standard Fiori features by default. Requires development for the use of these features.Standard Fiori features such as saving variant, filtering, grouping and sorting are available.
Requires development for use by mobile devices.Supports use by mobile devices. No need for additional development.

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