How To Become an SAP PI/PO Consultant?

SAP consultancy careers are among the most popular career options for students and fresh graduates todays. SAP consultants are professionals working in the SAP ERP industry. Not every SAP consultant's role and job description are the same. SAP consulting is the general name of this profession. In the major, there are PI, PO, Integration Suite, ABAP, Fiori, MII, WM, EWM, AIF, MM, TM and dozens of other specializations.

This article will answer questions such as: "What is SAP PI/PO?" "What Does an SAP PI/PO Consultant Do?" "How to Become a PI/PO Consultant?"

What is SAP PI/PO?

SAP PI/PO (Process Integration/Process Orchestration) is a middleware solution for the integration of SAP and non-SAP systems. SAP's middleware enables synchronous and asynchronous data exchange through multiple communication protocols, adapters and other technologies. SAP PI/PO is used by companies to facilitate system-to-system communication such as message, file and data transfer between different applications, systems and databases.

Roles and Responsibilities of an SAP PI/PO Consultant

Professionals who are competent in integration technologies and SAP PI/PO module work as SAP PI/PO consultants (SAP PI/PO Developer). The title of this profession varies according to the way the professional works.

  • Professionals working full-time in a company that uses SAP usually have the title of SAP PI/PO Developer or SAP Integration Developer.
  • Professionals who provide services to companies using SAP, outsource or freelance, seasonal or project-based have the title of SAP PI/PO Consultant (SAP Integration Consultant).

SAP PI/PO Consultant Job Description

  • Analyzing business requirements and providing functional and technical design solutions for SAP PI/PO integration projects.
  • Developing interfaces using various integration technologies like IDOC, SOAP, REST, RFC, Proxy, File, EDI, JDBC, BAPI, etc.
  • Configuring SAP PI/PO components like Integration Builder, Integration Directory, Runtime Workbench, etc.
  • Developing custom Java/ABAP mappings, adapters, and user-defined functions.
  • Performing unit and integration testing of the interfaces to ensure they are working as per the functional requirements.
  • Troubleshooting errors in the interfaces and providing support during the go-live.
  • Working closely with the technical and functional teams to ensure the successful implementation of the SAP PI/PO projects.
  • Providing training to the users on the SAP PI/PO interfaces and processes.
  • Developing and maintaining operational and technical documentation of the interfaces.
  • Managing multiple SAP PI/PO projects, effectively coordinating with multiple stakeholders.

How do I Become an SAP PI/PO Consultant?

  1. Get the necessary qualifications: To become an SAP PI/PO consultant you need a basic understanding of SAP systems, algorithms and business process integration. You can have basic knowledge by graduating from relevant university engineering departments.
  2. Gain experience: Theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to specialize in this field. Having experience in various SAP PI/PO projects is key to becoming a successful consultant. You should focus on gaining experience by working on small projects and taking on roles in your current job or through internships or volunteering.
  3. Learn the technology: Learn about SAP PI/PO architecture and components, learn how to configure systems and understand the different integration processes. There are many tutorials, blogs and training content available on the Internet that can help you improve on these topics.
  4. Networking: Networking is an important part of being a successful SAP PI/PO consultant. Join relevant groups on social media and attend SAP-related events to stay up to date with the latest industry trends. Reach out to other SAP PI/PO consultants in the industry and build relationships with them. Their advice, experiences and job tips can help you define your career roadmap. Networking also increases your chances of encountering new job opportunities.
  5. Apply for a job: Once you are confident in your skills and knowledge, start looking for SAP PI/PO consulting jobs based on your seniority. Check LinkedIn and other recruitment websites for job postings. You can look for job opportunities in consulting companies or in companies that use SAP.

SAP PI/PO Consultant Jobs

As MDP Group, we have been serving our business partners since 2013 with 30 consultants who are experts in the fields of SAP PI/PO and SAP Integration Suite. As our company grows day by day, we are looking for new teammates to join our SAP PI/PO consultancy team.

You can follow our latest SAP consultancy job postings on our Linkedin page.


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