How to Manage FireFighter in SAP?

What is Firefighter in SAP?

A Firefighter identity is a special type of user account in an SAP system that provides temporary privileged access to other user accounts. It is used in emergency situations such as a system crash or an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The FF user account has unrestricted access to all user accounts and data in the system, allowing it to make changes, run reports, and perform other tasks quickly and efficiently. Firefighter accounts are typically used by IT system administrators or other personnel with the necessary authority and knowledge to diagnose and resolve system issues. The use of a Firefighter account should be restricted to only those users who have been authorized and trained to use it. The use of a Firefighter account also requires the user to follow strict security protocols to ensure the protection of sensitive data and the integrity of the system.

The firefighter is also the core element of emergency access management. Firefighters are allowed quick access to the system without having to go through normal security checks. There are differences according to the IT and hierarchical approval structure of the enterprise in the process of creating and executing Firefighters of each enterprise.

The key purpose of the FF identity is to provide emergency access to critical data and applications for IT system users who need to perform urgent tasks. The FF identity is granted with the minimum privileges necessary to perform the required task, and is usually only active for a short time. The FF identity is carefully monitored and must be revoked as soon as the task is completed. This helps to ensure that the data and applications remain secure.

Firefighter processes of businesses may differ. While some businesses carry out these processes by communicating via e-mail and telephone when needed, some businesses use solutions such as SAP GRC and MDP Firefighter Cockpit. These solutions are designed to provide an efficient and integrated way for businesses to manage their firefighter processes

What is SAP GRC?

SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) is a suite of integrated solutions that help organizations manage risk and compliance across various business processes. It helps organizations to meet business objectives and ensure compliance with internal policies, external regulations, and industry standards. It provides risk assessment, monitoring and alerting capabilities, audit management, and compliance reporting.

Firefighter Controller is a powerful tool within SAP GRC that automates the process of granting emergency access to business-critical applications. It provides a secure and reliable way to grant temporary access while ensuring that the access is only used by authorized users and for the intended purpose. It also sends periodic notifications to users with access details and ensures that access is revoked after the specified time period.

The Alternative Solution to SAP GRC Firefighter Controller

Although SAP GRC is a comprehensive and functional solution, it is not always preferred by businesses due to its ease of use and cost. MDP Firefighter is a comprehensive Emergency Access Management solution developed as an alternative to the SAP GRC solution.

MDP Firefighter solution helps to reduce manual processes and increase the overall governance and compliance of user access in SAP. It helps to reduce the time required for manual access reviews, and provides detailed audit logs and reports. It also helps to identify and prevent access risks, and reduces the effort and cost of managing user access. The solution provides an intuitive user interface that enables users to quickly and easily manage user access.


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