Physical Inventory Process Using RF Device

In the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) System, it is possible to count available stock and keep the records on the system by using the physical inventory process. Physical inventory can be performed in two types, those are:

  • Storage bin Specific 
  • Product-specific. 

Also, physical inventory can be performed on three stock types, which are:

  • Unrestricted-use stock type
  • Blocked stock type
  • Quality inspection stock type

In the normal process of physical inventory the following steps should be followed:

  1. Generation of physical inventory document.
  2. Activation of physical inventory document.
  3. Printing the document sheet.
  4. Counting the stocks according to the directives on the physical inventory document.
  5. Entering the count into the SAP EWM system.

The physical inventory process can be performed by making the count and entering it into the system manually. But there is another method that SAP offers to simplify the performing process, and this method is using radio frequency devices in the process.

What is an RF Device?

RF is a device module that is used to transmit signals between two devices. RF is generally used in embedded systems to transmit information between units wirelessly. In SAP EWM, RF devices are used for scanning bar codes on the handling units, which contain information about the product inside it, and transfer the information to the system. RF devices can be used while performing various processes, such as picking, putaway, loading, packing, physical inventory and etc. RF devices are usually portable computer devices that have a touch screen, keyboard, and scanner.

Benefits of Performing Physical Inventory Using RF Device

  • When the physical inventory is performed, the user can enter the count results to the RF device. The device records the results automatically and uploads them to the EWM system.
  • It is possible to perform ad hoc physical inventory without needing a physical inventory document. The user is able to select the storage bin and start counting with the RF device. Rf device creates the physical inventory document automatically and continues to count.
  • RF devices have a feature called collective counting. According to this feature, the user can enter the number of handling units in a storage bin, instead of verifying each handling unit. If the number checks out with the system. RF device lets the user continue counting.

To summarize, physical inventory is a significant process for the management of a warehouse and it can be performed both manually or by using an RF device. RF device eases the process and helps the user to perform physical inventory processes more practically. So, it is safe to say that using RF devices should be preferable. 


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