SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) All You Need to Know

SAP Business Technology Platform is an open platform that allows you to enhance, customize or develop SAP cloud business applications in a fully provisioned environment.

SAP BTP is a solution consisting of four technology portfolios: analytics, intelligent technologies, application development and integration, database and data management. The platform enables users to create end-to-end business processes, transform data into business value, and easily build and enhance SAP applications.

SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP BTP cockpit is the main entry point to the cloud platform, where you can access your accounts and applications and control all of the actions connected to them. You can use the cockpit to manage resources, services, security, monitor application metrics, and perform actions on cloud applications.

SAP Business Technology Platform

Solutions and Services

SAP BTP provides quick in-memory processing, scalable, flexible solutions and services to combine data and extend applications, as well as completely embedded analytics and intelligent technologies.

The creation of business applications and other platform services on SAP BTP is enabled, accelerated, and made easier through services. Services are grouped into business and technical services.

SAP BTP comprises solutions spanning data and analytics, application development and automation, integration, enterprise planning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Application Development and Automation

Promises faster app development, process automation, and limitless scaling. You can use low-code and no-code techniques to create apps more quickly. RPA bots and prebuilt workflows can be used to automate your business. You can create workspaces easily with drag and drop and promote development with content relevant to your industry.

Extended Planning and Analysis

By connecting people and plans your corporate planning will be advanced and plans can be integrated to SAP applications seamlessly. You can plan with assurance using reliable data and improve planning throughout the company. Planning and analysis together will help you make agile decisions.

Data and Analytics

Utilize SAP BTP's data and analytical tools to achieve more insightful and meaningful data interpretations. Utilizing SAP data to its full potential will help you make more impactful decisions. Deliver reliable insights with a contemporary data stack. Expand enterprise-wide planning and analysis. You can use prebuilt SAP business content to perform at your top.


Connect and automate all of your company's processes. Using a comprehensive approach to data and process integration, you may easily achieve seamless business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Use scalable and responsible artificial intelligence integration in your apps with pre-trained AI models that are business-specific and ready to use to optimize your apps. With a user-friendly conversational AI solution, create effective chatbots. You can manage the entire AI lifecycle from one location where you can run AI ethically, openly, and in compliance.

Use Cases of SAP BTP

  • Offers distinctive business services based on an extensive selection of line-of-business SAP solutions and convenient access to SAP business data, including master data.
  • Helps businesses get more out of their data by providing a unified platform with all the necessary services working together, such as by simplifying management of SAP and non-SAP data and automating data science procedures.
  • Enables users to combine services from Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud in applications they create on the Business Technology Platform. Supports flexible deployment from on-premises to multi-cloud.

You can:

  • Create applications using no-code tools to advance your business.
  • Add SAP BTP to your ERP software to generate strategic results by automating and enhancing business operations.
  • Use SAP BTP to connect HR systems, applications, and procedures so you can react swiftly and safeguard your workers.
  • Improve your purchasing experience with SAP BTP's overall spend insight and supplier oversight.
  • Deliver customized products at scale, enhancing asset performance, and automating supply chain procedures are all possible with SAP BTP in supply chain management.
  • Use SAP BTP to integrate and analyze internal and external data to develop highly customized customer experiences.

Benefits of SAP BTP

  • Get full, real-time access to all of your data and personalize SAP application interactions with artificial intelligence and automation.
  • Develop new technologies that seamlessly connect with SAP applications.
  • Work quickly with tools for code-first and no-code development where you can also get help from prebuilt industry content and use cases to innovate faster in a business context.
  • Utilize and interpret data from SAP applications in the appropriate context and sense
  • Use your preferred cloud while integrating it with your current IT environment and make the deployments in a mission-critical SAP-managed cloud environment.
  • Adapt company procedures without the need for maintenance and run on a dependable, business-grade platform.

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