What Is SAP Business Technology Platform?

We live in the age of data. There’s an abundance of applications and analytic technologies that allow organizations to collect extensive data on sales, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and much more. But most businesses fail to get value from this information. Data is collected and stored in disparate mediums, leading to a disrupted flow of information.

Regardless of your industry, the type of data you collect, how you analyze it and what you do with your results has a significant impact on the success of your business. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a portfolio of technologies that allows you to transform your data into value swiftly and efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll go over SAP BTP is, how it can be applied, and how it can benefit your business.

What Is SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP Business Technology Platform is an integrated SAP technology portfolio that enables businesses to transform data into value.

SAP BTP provides a variety of smart technologies to help optimize your business processes. Examples include Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. The platform gives SAP communities and developers great freedom for developing their own applications and solutions.


Advantages of SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP helps speed up and optimize business processes through three main features:

  • Data governance

Offers a unified view of all your data across a multitude of systems and platforms. Its analytics helps you gain real-time insight and make data driven decisions.

  • End-to-end integration

Enables integrating SAP, non-SAP, and third-party solutions. Provides seamless data exchange between all your business processes.

  • Extensibility

Allows customizing existing applications or developing solutions from scratch; helps tailor all your assets to fit your company needs.

SAP Business Technology Platform Use Cases

SAP BTP is comprised of four main systems: Database and Data Management, Analytics, Application Development and Integration, and Intelligent Technologies. Each service encompasses a variety of services and features. 

Database and Data Management

Database management systems that have storing capabilities allow organizations to make decisions based on real-time data.

Use Case:

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is an integrated framework made of various tools, languages, and libraries. This model allows you to create extension applications and exchange real-time data between your extensions and SAP S/4HANA system, without needing extensive UI resources. Users can develop and customize the UI without IT support, which makes for a self-reliant user experience and faster project completion times.


This asset enables the evaluation of data with analytics solutions. Intelligent technologies feed from real-time data flows, so SAP can provide predictive insights.

Use Case:

SAP Analytics Cloud creates simulations and visualizations from your data sources; combined with BTP’s machine learning and graphics features, your data science expectations will be fully met (if not, exceeded). Its high-speed processing power and real-time data processing engines will ensure a strong, reliable data warehouse.

Application Development and Integration

SAP BTP allows seamless integration between cloud, on-premise, SAP, non-SAP, and third-party applications, simplifying development and quickening deployment.

Use Case:

SAP Extension Suite enables developing secure, customized cloud-based Java applications. The SAP Cloud Platform architecture minimizes the frequency and repair time of application related errors through microservice security, which improves both user experience and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent technologies help optimize word processes; AI, machine learning, and IoT are just a few examples of the innovative solutions that increase productivity in the workplace.

Use Case:

Nestlé used SAP Conversational AI to develop artificial intelligence based chatbots that provide HR staff with employee data. Users can converse with the chatbot via a SAPUI5 based UX interface that works on all smart devices. This way, they obtain information in a simpler and faster way through a secure environment.


SAP Business Technology Platform isn’t a foreign concept for businesses who use SAP. Rather, it’s a portfolio that entails the technologies that SAP users already employ—SAP HANA, SAP PO, and SAP AI Business Services are a just few examples. BTP encourages users to combine SAP services and create solutions that help solve complex problems more efficiently.

Our SAP PI/PO/CPI consultancy services can help you formulate the optimum combination of technologies that address your current and potential needs. Contact us to start getting more value out of your data.


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