The Advantages of Developing with SAP Fiori

User experience (UX) is an important part of every enterprise application today. A good user experience ensures that employees and users can interact with the application easily and efficiently, and at the same time have a positive experience while using the application. We can define UX for business as an application that is easy to use and understand with a streamlined process and intuitive design.

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a collection of web-based applications designed to provide a user-friendly experience for business users working with SAP systems. It provides users with access to their SAP applications on any device with a web browser, allowing them to manage their business processes in a more efficient and intuitive way. The Fiori apps are built on the latest SAP UI5 technology and are based on the SAP Fiori User Experience (UX) design principles, which focus on simplicity, responsiveness, and intuitive user interactions.

Why Choose SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a suite of pre-packaged, role-based applications that provide personalized, responsive and simple user experiences for SAP software. These applications cover a wide range of processes, such as sales, financials, inventory, and HR, and are available on all devices. SAP Fiori helps reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks, allowing users to focus on the more important aspects of their job. It also helps to increase user productivity, provide better data insights, and improve customer satisfaction.

User Experience in SAP

User experience is an area that SAP has also paid great attention to in the last decade. In the past, SAP GUI was a revolution for businesses, but today SAP GUI is not able to meet the needs of businesses in terms of functionality, design and user experience.

To meet the changing needs of businesses, SAP created SAP Fiori, the SAP user experience product. SAP Fiori offers businesses a modern user interface that is much more streamlined compared to GUI to increase usability and productivity. SAP Fiori also frees businesses from the limited capabilities of the GUI. Because Fiori can be designed to be used on mobile, desktop or tablet and can be easily customized with different themes and colors.

Advantages and Benefits of SAP Fiori

Transitioning from SAP GUI to SAP Fiori

SAP GUI has been the user interface standard for SAP applications for many years. However, with the introduction of SAP Fiori, users are now investing in Fiori, the user-friendly interface. SAP Fiori provides a unified experience with consistent navigation and user experience for enterprise applications, allowing users to quickly access the data they need. By replacing SAP GUI with SAP Fiori, users can access the same data and features they are used to in SAP GUI with an updated look and feel optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The transition to SAP Fiori will enable users to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities available and provides an enhanced user experience. 

The use of SAP Fiori in the enterprise world reduces the development and implementation costs associated with traditional user interfaces. Businesses can get rid of the classic screens of the GUI and realize applications that fit their corporate identity with Fiori. In addition, Fiori is designed with advanced security features that help protect data and applications from unauthorized access. Users can access all Fiori applications in a mobile way without security threats. Finally, Fiori can be used to integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems, which allows businesses to leverage existing investments in technology.

Working with an SAP Fiori Consultant

There are many advantages for businesses looking to migrate their applications to SAP Fiori to work with SAP Fiori experts. SAP Fiori consultants know SAP Fiori technology well, which helps them quickly identify and resolve potential issues that may arise during implementation. This provides businesses with a faster and smoother implementation process, increasing efficiency.

As MDP, we support businesses to optimize their existing Fiori processes and develop new Fiori applications with our 10+ SAP Fiori consultants. You can contact us to learn how we can support you on SAP Fiori.

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