What is Application Portfolio Management (APM)?

As your business grows, so does the scope of your IT needs. Some decisions to meet these needs are made without evaluating the Enterprise Architecture. Especially in busy work environments, it is a common situation to purchase software to solve short-term problems. So what happens when the problem is fixed? The app stays in your portfolio and is forgotten over time. However, this does not mean that the application will not be reflected on your bill.

What is Application Portfolio Management?

Application Portfolio Management is the practice of keeping track of all applications purchased and used within your organization, for the purpose of optimizing your overall tech stack.

Benefits of Application Portfolio Management (APM):

  • APM identifies IT deficiencies in an organization and identifies where applications can be increased.
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) provides you to control and monitor your technology stack.
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) enables the identification of potential security risks and shortcomings in IT responsibility.
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) enables the measurement and optimization of application costs.

Ways To Be Effective In Application Portfolio Management (APM) 

The IT environment is constantly changing. APM provides to keep track of this change. Because companies have to get rid of old technologies. Also, companies need to consider how APM can be useful to achieve overarching business goals. It is critical to confirm which goals are a priority for your organization. Companies should engage with their digital transformation leaders fort o determine their goals. They must ask themselves this question; how can APM help us to realize our business goals?

Another important point is data. Data is the most important part of any APM initiative. Tangible facts give certainty about what needs to change, how can you change it, and what the consequences will be. You should think comprehensively about data collection but for the beginning, you mustn't so much stress about this. For example; you can start from the one business area that causing the focus issues and then you can pass another area. Nevertheless, you need to trust sometimes, less is more. A few data can greater value. Your goal shouldn’t be to have all data points. Continued collaboration between teams makes you successful in Application Portfolio Management (APM).

Application Portfolio Management Software

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