What is IT Asset Management Software?

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Businesses today have more assets to manage than ever before, with the rise of IT assets used in the workplace. As employee tenures shorten and more devices become digital, companies’ data security is also a key priority. Managers or employees need reporting, customization and features that they cannot easily see. This is where IT Asset Management Software comes into play.

Let’s examine together what is IT Asset Management and IT Asset Management Software.

What does IT Asset Management mean?

IT Asset Management is the process of controlling for maintaining, upgrading and disposing of an organization’s IT assets throughout their life cycle. Thus, if necessary, it ensures that the company’s tangible and intangible assets are monitored and used. IT Asset Management ensures that the IT infrastructure becomes more systematic and measurable.

What is an IT Asset?

An IT asset includes hardware, software or any information that belongs to an organization. In the IT department, some of the most important assets are computer and software licenses that help build and sell software and servers. IT assets have a limited lifespan. To maximize the value an organization can generate, the IT asset lifecycle should be managed intelligently. Each organization defines this lifecycle but these often include procurement, deployment and maintenance phases. The critical point of IT Asset Management is to understand the total cost and apply them throughout the entire lifecycle to optimize the use of assets.

What is IT Asset Management Software?

IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) is a tool for recording and tracking an asset throughout its entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. It provides an organization with detailed information about where assets are located or how they are used. IT Asset Management Software is used for the management of software, hardware, integration assets, etc.

IT Asset Management Software contains important details about every asset belonging to the organization. It creates a centralized system, enabling easy monitoring of assets in real-time. This reduces costs, improves services and increases visibility into company assets.

Functions of  the IT Asset Management Software

Provides Detailed Information for Each Entity

IT Asset Management Software is a tool to record and track all IT assets of a company. It also increases security by keeping all information and documents belonging to the assets. In this way, it is easy to find company documents while keeping company information secure.

Provides Cost Control

Manuel Processes or systems that are not new can present a major challenge in asset management but with the right IT Asset Management Software, it is possible to effectively manage every asset in the organizations. For example, the maintenance costs of the assets in the company may be more than the usage areas. This situation both causes more cost and minimizes efficiency. However, cost estimates of assets are easily obtained with IT Asset Management Software and play a critical role in this area.

Facilitates Access to All Assets

Finding the desired company presence with manual methods leads to a great loss of time and effort. Thanks to IT Asset Management Software, it is possible to find the assets of the company in different criteria in a short time. Various information about assets is easily accessed with ITAM within the company.

IT Asset Management Software: Loggle

Loggle is the MDP Group's brand that provides IT Asset Management solutions. Loggle provides end-to-end solutions to solve the difficulties faced by businesses in ITAM processes. Increase your control by visualizing your IT infrastructure with Loggle!

Loggle’s IT Asset Management Solutions

  • Application Portfolio Management Tool
  • Software Asset Management Tool
  • License Management Tool
  • Integration Inventory Management Tool
  • Hardware Asset Management Tool
  • IT Budget / Cost Management Tool


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