What is Stock Room Management?

As we all know, SAP WM will no longer allow improvements after 2025. Because of this, most companies will need to choose between SAP EWM or EWM system embedded in SAP S/4HANA.

Stock Room Management is a new product of SAP but it is not a new warehouse management module. Even if transition to S/HANA is finalized, with Stock Room Management module it is possible to continue using SAP WM. An alternate to continue using embedded EWM system of S/4HANA is S/4HANA stock room management module.

Stock room management doesn’t have the ability to support warehouses that are technically complex. Stock room management is the new name of LE-WM for S/4HANA. Stock Room Management, that is a solution in S/4HANA for supporting small and manual warehouses, enables them to continue using their fundamental warehouse functions while transiting to S/4HANA from SAP ECC and minimizes transition risks.

Comparison of LE-WM and Stock Room Management:

FeaturesLE-WMStock Room Management
Task & Resource Management (LE-TRM)+-
Value Added Service (LE-WM-VAS)+-
Yard Management (LE-YM)+-
Cross-Docking (LE-WM-CD)+-
Wave Management (LE-WM-TFM-CP)+-
Decentral WM (LE-WM-DWM)+-
Warehouse Control Unit Interface (LSR)+-
Storage Bin Management++
Inbound Processing++
Outbound Processing++
Internal Warehouse Movements++
Mobile Execution++
Physical Inventory++

If establishments don’t have complex business processes that needs the transition to EWM and they need simple and flexible solutions that covers core warehouse processes, it will be the best to use WM-LE until 2025 and Stock Room Management after 2025.

On the other hand, it is important to know that SAP is not planning on future improvements for Stock Room Management. This means it won’t be possible to benefit from Fiori applications and other improvement opportunities. If those improvements are important for you and if your warehouse processes are complex, you need to give preference to Extended Warehouse Management for warehouse management.


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