Benefits of SAP BTP for Business

Today, one of the most important things for organizations is to react quickly and flexibly to changing technology and innovations. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a unified, open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem designed to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation. It enables users to create value from data by integrating it and meet changing business needs. In this blog post, we will focus on the benefits of SAP BTP to businesses.

What is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a platform that provides foundational, platform services and capabilities to build, extend and run intelligent business applications by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, with support for flexible deployment on-premises or in the cloud, SAP BTP provides a comprehensive service that allows businesses to quickly build, deploy and manage innovative applications across a wide range of industries.

SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) All You Need to Know

SAP BTP Pillars

SAP BTP basically has four pillars, which are database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, smart technologies, process automation, and corporate collaboration. Let's examine these pillars briefly:

  • Database and Data Management

It goes through the processes of storing, processing, integrating and interpreting all data belonging to organizations. In this way, it enables organizations to manage data about their services and products flexibly and efficiently, enabling them to make data-based decisions.

  • Analytics

This pillar provides evaluation of data along with analytical solutions. In this way, it enables organizations to make fast and insight-oriented decisions and plan. It also helps identify key factors behind performance indicators by automatically detecting abnormal conditions.

  • Application Development and Integration

Organizations need agile business process innovation, extension and seamless integration in cloud and hybrid scenarios. This pillar offers organizations the opportunity to easily integrate different systems, improve existing applications and create new solutions for business needs.

  • Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent technologies include solutions such as intelligent robotic process automation, machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. It helps organizations optimize word processing.

What are the Benefits of Using SAP BTP?

Fast Integration

  • SAP BTP brings together application development, database and data management, analytics, smart technologies, artificial intelligence and application development capabilities in a single platform. This helps organizations build applications, analytics, and integrations faster.
  • It enables cloud-based applications, on-premises applications and all processes to be seamlessly connected to the infrastructure of the system to provide a real-time view on all devices.

Intelligent Technologies

  • It enables organizations to leverage prebuilt integrations, workflows, data models, artificial intelligence services, and APIs across multiple application domains designed specifically for their line of business and industry.
  • It offers the fastest and most efficient way to transform enterprise data into business value.

Efficient Processes

  • Powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning help organizations use advanced analytics solutions and accurately predict future developments. In this way, it contributes to making more accurate business decisions.
  • Thanks to the innovative technologies and applications offered by the platform, all processes and workflows of organizations work more efficiently and effectively. Automated solutions complete all repetitive tasks, reducing the workload.

The automation capabilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform allow organizations to save time and focus on innovation.


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