SAP Signavio Process Manager – SAP Solution Manager Integration

New Business Process Connector for SAP Signavio Solutions

The SAP Signavio solutions now feature an upgraded business process model connector, facilitating seamless two-way data transfer between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Signavio Process Manager. This enhancement brings improved performance, bolstered security, and enhanced connectivity. It fosters tighter integration between the realms of business and IT, ensuring consistent and dependable process synchronization.

This innovative connector is forward-looking, removing barriers to SAP S4/HANA adoption. It boasts the ability to connect to multiple SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager systems simultaneously. Additionally, it streamlines deployment with a ready-to-use Customer Deployment option, reduces maintenance costs, and provides role-based management for synchronization tasks.

A new synchronization project is required for the following scenarios:

  • Synchronizing SAP Signavio workspace --> SAP Solution Manager solution.
  • Synchronizing SAP Solution Manager solution --> SAP Signavio workspace.
  • Synchronizing a once-synchronized SAP Signavio workspace --> an additional SAP Solution Manager solution.
SAP Signavio Solutions Manager

The connector currently supports synchronization of the following objects:

  • Folders and scenarios
  • Process models
  • Process steps used in process models
  • Process steps are stored in the following:
  • Library of SAP Solution Manager
  • Dictionary of SAP Signavio Process Manager
  • Standard and custom attributes (for limited data element types).

Within these diagrams are Tasks or Process Steps that are logically linked together to form a process flow, employing other elements from BPMN 2.0 conventions.

After the initial synchronization is finished, the SAP Signavio Process Manager takes the lead in overseeing changes to these objects and their associated attribute values. The objects mentioned can exclusively receive updates within SAP Signavio Process Manager. Subsequently, the connector can be employed to synchronize the modified objects with the SAP Solution Manager.


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